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WHITE PAPER: 6 Reasons Clients Don’t Pay On Time, Plus Solutions
Creating and maintaining consistent cash flow in an accounting firm is an ongoing effort, from initial client engagement to following up with past-due accounts. Determining why your clients don’t pay on time reveals where and how you need to improve your internal processes in order to improve cash flow. This white paper will also walk you through best practices for managing receivables, from dealing with past due accounts to avoiding them all together. Plus, learn how all this can all be done while improving client satisfaction and increasing the work coming in for your accounting firm.



WEBINARS: Download copies of these pre-recorded webinars

  • Clear Out Overdue A/R in Just a Week
  • Millennial-Approved Resources Top Firms Are Using
  • The Foolproof Formula Ensuring 95% of Clients Pay You Early




  • 4 Steps to Better A/R
  • Challenges to Providing Advisory Services
  • Utilizing QuickFee



CALCULATOR: The True Cost of Paper Checks
You’d probably be surprised by how much it actually costs to produce and process paper checks. Most of this expense is due to the added manpower required for this archaic form of payment.  With our calculator, you can easily estimate this cost for your firm.


Resources Specifically for Accounting Firms
A few examples:

  • INFO SHEET: 7 Tools Innovative Accounting Firms Are Using
  • BDO’s Accounting Year in Review
  • BDO’s SEC Year in Review
  • FASB Guidance on 8 Cash Flow Classification Issues
  • 2016 Accounting, Reporting & Auditing Update



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