QuickFee’s Payment Portal

We live in a society where person-to-person payment methods are so ubiquitous that they’ve actually become verbs.


“I’ll PayPal you” and “What’s your user name so I can Venmo that?” are just a couple of examples that show how consumers consider the technology of online payments a given when they’re transacting business.They’re the modern day equivalent of “The check’s in the mail!” and they exemplify how technology raised the bar when it comes to quick and easy payment processes.


People are accustomed to making their money move quickly and completing transactions online whenever it fits into their hectic schedules. If you’re looking to offer speed and ease of use for you clients as they make payments, QuickFee can help by making it easier to make payments.


QuickFee offers clients the benefit of a custom branded online payment portal, which is easily accessible to clients and is integrated with your invoicing system so clients can complete their account review and payment in a few simple steps.

Our payment portal is designed to help you spend less time on collections and more time on doing valuable work and building lasting relationships with your clients. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Why Choose QuickFee’s Payment Portal?


According to industry publication Accounting Today, QuickFee was recognized as the Top New Product for 2017 in the payment products arena. Why?


QuickFee received this honor because of the convenience and flexibility the service offers to accounting firms and their clients. QuickFee was built by CPAs for CPAs, with a goal of improving time-intensive manual processes, reducing friction and creating an outstanding firm- and client-focused experience.  


Many businesses have full time staff members dedicated to managing invoicing and accounts receivable–mailing, receiving and processing invoices and paper checks. With QuickFee’s payment portal, the entire process is streamlined down to a few easy, self-service steps for your client.


And, QuickFee’s payment portal offers gives clients multiple easy and convenient options to pay, including:


Fee financing


If you’re looking to really meet your clients’ needs and make payments easier and more seamless for them, fee financing can offer the flexibility they need to keep their business finances running smoothly.


Offering fee financing through your payment portal gives clients the opportunity to set up a payment agreement. They select a term that works for them (between three and 12 months), and you receive your payment in full, immediately.


While QuickFee’s payment options are loved by clients because of the flexibility they provide, firms also benefit because of the positive cash flow impact they see when payments arrive on time and in full.


Credit card


Adding their credit card information to the portal can be a convenient way for clients to make quick payments without worrying over their current account balances. Credit card payments may be subject to a small processing fee, whereas QuickFee payments provide the same  convenience without assessing an additional fee.


ACH transfer


Basically a faster version of a paper check made electronic, ACH transfers are generated online and used to pull money directly from an account of the client’s choosing. The process is all online and can be easily initiated from QuickFee’s payment portal.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?


Here’s the good news: Setting up a payment portal can be quick, thanks to our team of experts. Your custom portal can be created for you in a matter of days, giving you almost instant access to the tools you need to run a more efficient firm.


Here’s how it works:  


Step #1: Send us a message.


You can use our online form to request a free consultation with our QuickFee team. One of our team members will then reach out to ensure there’s a good fit between our companies and that we can provide the services you need.


Step #2: Check out your new portal.


Our team members will work with you to create a custom branded payment portal. The portal will use your company’s logo, so your clients recognize its connection with your business.


The connectivity with your firm’s invoicing system also makes it convenient and easy to manage. QuickFee can be integrated into any invoice or statement template from any practice management system.


Your custom portal will be available to customers 24/7 and is equipped with the highest level of merchant processing security, so you and your customers can feel safe using it to conduct business.


Step #3: Spread the word.


Once your portal is up and running, tell all your clients the good news.

QuickFee provides easy-to-use templates and training materials, including successful examples from other partnerships. The QuickFee team is also available to consult and to provide some additional support and peace-of-mind as you make information available to your clients and staff.


They can start making online payments, including taking advantage of our convenient fee financing option, right away.


And, once they start making payments, you’ll receive your funds fast. Faster payments from clients means your business has money in hand to do business development and marketing, to increase staff or to invest in additional innovative technology.


When it comes to collecting from clients, simpler, more frictionless processes increase the likelihood that you’ll receive your payments in a timely manner, and that clients will be eager to continue their hassle-free partnership with you in the future.

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